Catbird Linux Articles

People have found numerous ways to enjoy a good workflow and get things done with Catbird Linux. Here are a few articles which show how the system works and what can be done with it.

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Catbird Linux Tips and Tricks

Basic Usage Tips for i3wm
Installing Catbird Linux
Catbird Linux Video Gallery
i3 Keybindings
Neovim Keybindings
Tmux Keybindings
Bash Aliases
Source Code

Things to Do and Create with Catbird Linux

Your Linux Calculators with Rofi-calc and Python REPL
Making Videos with Catbird Linux
Podcasters: Using Compression and Limiting
Podcasters: EQ the Voice You Have for Best Sound
Podcasters: Using EQ to Nullify Room Resonances
Software Defined Radio for OSINT
U2 Music Spectrum Analysis: New York (2001)
Other Top Notch Linux Distros
Shell Scripting with Fzf and Rofi
Making Formatted Documents in Vim

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