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All of the videos below were recorded, audio mixed or processed, with charts or images also edited in Catbird Linux. This is Linux with elegance. The screen capture software is OBS-Studio, with GIMP for images, and Audacity for audio. Even the web page you are viewing was created with Neovim, the code editor in Catbird Linux.

Mediumwave radio received in Kropyvnytskyi , Ukraine and ADS-B on 2022/02/26. Kyiv under air raid alert.
Dual frequency listening to the Hurricane Watch Net 14325 and 7268 kHz as Hurricane Ida strikes Louisiana
Bookmarking WebSDRs and KiwiSDRs for versatile settings and multifrequency monitoring.
U2 - The Fly (Zoo TV Outside Broadcast 1992, 1993), Watch two streams of text derived from the wild and rapid visuals.
Since the insurrection is ongoing, a more strongly worded video. Made with Shotcut and Audacity.
A few words about that recount in AZ. Your last kick to the hornets nest. Made with Shotcut and Audacity.
SSHUTTLE Encrypted Networking with Menus from fzf and Rofi in Catbird Linux
Wireguard VPN Simplified with fzf and Rofi in Catbird Linux. Wireguard is better than OpenVPN for security and bandwidth.
TwitGrid: Watch 5 Twitter Accounts at Once in Catbird Linux
SDR Shortwave 2021-04-23

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