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Enjoy thislist of instructional videos I have found on YouTube. You may not expect YouTube to carry much content for serious Python programmers or students preparing for IT certification, but it is there - and available for no cost. You can be a beginner and develop your Python and data science knowledge for free. You can be an intermediate or advanced Pythonista and catch lectures and tutorials from others who are among the best in the world.

Whether the topic is web scraping, writing more efficient code, learning new data science methods, or familiarizing with a new library, you can usually find someone talking about it on YouTube. Now, forsake those petty political videos and never ending streams of social media clickbait. Brew a coffee and take an hour or two to understand concurrency or threading. Spend a weekend learning how use Beautiful Soup or Pandas. Watch and learn how Python programmers refine their workflow.

Watch These Python Video Tutorials

A Coronavirus Tracker Using Python and Tableau
A Gentle Introduction to Fast Python Execution Carl Friedrich
Anthony Shaw at Pycon Why is Python Slow?
Anthony Shaw on Talk Python Why is Python Slow?
Asyncio May Have Solved Concurrency
Asyncio Understanding Async and Await in Python
Beautiful Soup for Pythonic Web Scraping
Beginners Guide to Web Scraping With Python
Compiling Python Functions with Numba
Complete Python NumPy Tutorial
Concurrency, Multi-Threading and Multi-Processing in Python
Concurrent Download Manager in Golang vs Python Requests 1
Concurrent Download Manager in Golang vs Python Requests 2
Data Analysis with Pandas part 1
Data Analysis with Pandas part 2
Data Science for Beginners
Data Science Profiling Python and Concurrency
Data Science Tutorial on Python Pandas
Downloading Bitcoin data with Python and visualizing it with Tableau
Faster Python API Calls Using Asyncio Requests and Aiohttp
GPU Accelerating SciPy Signal Processing with Numba and CuPy by Adam Thompson
How to Level Up Your Python Code Reviews to Ship Faster
How to Web Scrape Unordered Lists With Scrapy
HPC Python with Ipython, Scipy and Numpy
I Generated Guitar Audio in Python using NUMBA
James Powell on Writing Fast Python Code
Make Python code 1000x Faster with Numba
Making Multiple HTTP Requests Using Python
Natural Language Processing and Text Mining Tutorial Using NLTK
Optimising Python with Numba implementing the Bat Algorithm
Parallel Radio Astronomy Application Development with Dask and Numba
PyConEstonia 2020 Supercharging Python with Numba by Ankit Mahato
Python Asynchronous Programming AsyncIO and Async Await
Python Asynchronous Programming Demystifying Async and Await
Python Requests Beginner to Pro
Regex in Python for Scraping the Web and PDFs
Santiago Basulto Python Concurrency From Beginner to Pro
Scraping Instagram with Python and Selenium
Scrapy for Getting Data from Bad HTML
Scrapy Update April 2021
Sebastian Witowski Writing Better Optimized Python
Selenium for an Automated Gary Vee 180 Instagram Strategy
Sentiment Analysis in Python Using Natural Language Tool Kit
Sentiment Analysis in Python with TextBlob and VADER Sentiment
Sentiment Analysis in Python with Tweepy
Sentiment Analysis on ANY Length of Text With Transformers
Sentiment Analysis on News Articles for Cryptocurrencies with Python
Sentiment Analysis on Twitter Using Python
SIMD and Numba PhysCat DeCal Spring 2021
Tableau and Python for Advanced Analytics
TabPy integration of Tableau and Python
TabPy to Execute Python from Tableau
The Painless Route in Python to Fast and Scalable Machine Learning
Threading vs Multiprocessing in Python 1
Threading vs Multiprocessing in Python 2
Tutorial on Numba by Jim Pivarski of Princeton University
Understanding Numba the Python and Numpy compiler by Christoph Deil
Web Scraper Tracking Amazon Prices and Alerting via Email
WEB SCRAPING E Commerce Data with BeautifulSoup Requests Scrapy and Selenium
Your Escape Plan From Numpy and Cython

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