Catbird Linux: Key Bindings for the Dynamic Window Manager (DWM)

Written and curated by WebDev Philip C.
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"Multitask, prioritize, and execute effectively with DWM."

Most special combinations involve the key called  Mod4  or  Super  or  Windows.

There are nine workspaces, or numbered "tags" in this window manager configuration.

Switch to any tag:	 Super + number 

Move a focused window (a.k.a "client") to a tag:	 Super + Shift + number 

To bring up Rofi, the window list and application menu:

 Super + r  or  Super + Shift + Enter 

To exit your DWM session: Shift + Super + e   or  Ctrl + Alt + Delete
then select...

	 logout    +  Enter  to logout
	 reboot    +  Enter  to reboot
	 shutdown  +  Enter  to shut down

To start...
	...Gui File Browser:		 Super + f          (Thunar)
	...Terminal File Browser:	 Super + Shift + f  (lf)
	...Gui Web Browser:		 Super + i          (Firefox)
	...Terminal Web Browser:	 Super + Shift + i  (W3M)
        ...Network Manager:              Super + n          (Networkmanager_Dmenu)
        ...Bluetooth Manager:            Super + b          (Blueman-Manager)
	...Video Player:		 Super + m          (Smplayer)
	...Audio Player:		 Super + d          (Smplayer)
	...Radio Playlist:		 Super + s          (MPV)
	...SDR Playlist:		 Super + Shift + s  (Super SDR)
	...SDR Client:			 Super + Ctrl + s   (Super SDR)
	...Volume Control:		 Super + v          (Pavucontrol)
	...Terminal:			 Super + Enter  or  Ctrl + Alt + t 
	...Bit Torrent:			 Super + q 
        ...Calculator:                   Super + c 
	...Screenshot:			 Super + Print 
        ...TwitGrid                      Super + t 

To close a focused window:	         Ctrl + q 

To forcefully close a focused window:    Ctrl + Shift + q 

To drag a floating window:               Super + left mouse button  and drag it.

To resize a floating window:             Super + right mouse button  and move the edges.

To resize a tiled window:                Super + h or l  and move the edges (Vim keys!).

To toggle a window between floating and tiled:	 Super + Shift + Space 

To restart DWM in place:	         Super + Shift + r 

To hide or show the  status bar:	 Super + F11 

Scratchpads are how you hide apps and prevent screen clutter.

Hide a focused window on the scratchpad:	 Super + Shift + F1 

Retrieve windows from the scratchpad:		 Super + F1 	repeat as necessary.

To disconnect a window from the scratchpad:  Ctrl + Shift + F1 

There is much more to DWM than this.  Find good online resources and study
the efficacy and power of tiling window managers.

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