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Enjoy this list of instructional videos I have found on YouTube. You may not expect YouTube to carry much content for serious Command Line Interface programmers or students preparing for IT certification, but it is there - and available for no cost. You can be a beginner and develop your Command Line Interface and knowledge for free. You can be an intermediate or advanced Command Line Interface user and catch lectures and tutorials from others who are among the best in the world.

Whether the topic is web searching, writing more efficient code, working with your files, or familiarizing with a new Command Line Interface application, you can usually find someone talking about it on YouTube. Now, forsake those petty political videos and never ending streams of social media clickbait. Brew a coffee and take an hour or two to understand the Command Line Interface. Spend a weekend learning how use Command Line Interface tools. Watch and learn how Python programmers refine their workflow.

Watch These Command Line Interface Video Tutorials

A Beginners Guide to SSH
Alacritty as a Termite Replacement
Alacritty Vi Mode and Other Nice Features
Aria2p Multithreaded Download Manager
Awk Essentials for Linux Users
Bash and Tmux the Video
Brodie Robertsons Favorite Neovim Settings
Castero is a Podcast Manager for Your Terminal
Create Unix Pipes with Ultimate Plumber
Enjoy Most of What Vim Plugins Do With Just Vim
Favorite CLI Tools Written in Rust
FD is a Better Find in Rust
Fern Vim is a Great File Tree Plugin
Fzf Can Do Much More Than Fuzzy Find Files
Fzf Nova as a Dmenu or Rofi Replacement
Gopher the Information Superhighway in W3M
Handling Magnet Links in W3M
Joshuto is a Ranger Clone in Rust
Lint Your Shell Scripts With Shellcheck
More Instantly Better Vim
Newsboat for Podcasts and Things Other than Standard RSS Feeds
Newsboat is an RSS Feed Reader for Terminal
Primeagen Tmux Tutorial
Productivity in Ruby with Tmux and Vim
Readability Strips Junk From Websites
Ripgrep and Other Rust Apps for Every Linux User
Ripgrep Replaces Grep For Dozens of Uses
Scheduling and Journaling with Vimwiki Diary
Setting Up Vim to Work as an IDE
Setting Your Terminal Emulator for True Color Rendering
Shellnium Automates The Web in Bash
Taking Notes in Markdown With Vimwiki
Terminal Web Browsing Workflow
Terminal YouTube Search With Pipe Viewer and Straw Viewer
Tmux and Vim an Awesome Combination
Tuxi for Google Answers in the CLI
Ucollage Terminal Image Viewer
Using RSS Feeds for Consuming Internet Content
Vim Muggle to Wizard in Ten Easy Steps
Vim Plugins Without a Plugin Manager

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