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Enjoy this list of instructional videos I have found on YouTube. You may not expect YouTube to carry much content for serious Command Line Interface programmers or students preparing for IT certification, but it is there - and available for no cost. You can be a beginner and develop your Command Line Interface and knowledge for free. You can be an intermediate or advanced Command Line Interface user and catch lectures and tutorials from others who are among the best in the world.

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Whether the topic is web searching, writing more efficient code, working with your files, or familiarizing with a new Command Line Interface application, you can usually find someone talking about it on YouTube. Now, forsake those petty political videos and never ending streams of social media clickbait. Brew a coffee and take an hour or two to understand the Command Line Interface. Spend a weekend learning how use Command Line Interface tools. Watch and learn how Python programmers refine their workflow.

Watch These Command Line Interface Video Tutorials

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