The Ultimate Big Crazy Wifi Antenna Guide

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People often struggle with bad wifi when they don't have to. Often the problem is not setting up their equipment properly. Sometimes a different antenna makes the difference. If you want to build antennas to connect over crazy long distances, try the wifi yagi or dish antennas in this book. They work! Here are some of the topics covered:

Get farther, stronger and faster wifi with the antenna projects in this book:

The Ultimate Big Crazy Wifi Antenna Guide Paperback Book
Paperback Book
The Ultimate Big Crazy Wifi Antenna Guide Ebook

Newer Wifi 6 devices work on newer microwave bands and have excellent performance right out of the box, but they can also connect over long distances, often without any physical mods - just a mount on a dish antenna. Read the book for details.

Do it today - click on the paperback or ebook and learn how to boost your wifi to the next level!

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