Airband Radio on the RTL-SDR

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Monitoring aviation communications is a popular and exciting activity. If you have an RTL-SDR set up to capture air band comms or data downlinks, you will want to have the tips, techniques, and helpful data in "Airband Radio on the RTL-SDR." This easy to read and inexpensive handbook will help you get your radio, computer, and hardware nicely set up for optimal operation. Here are some of the topics covered:

Get more out your RTL-SDR Aviation monitoring with this handbook:

Airband Radio on the RTL-SDR Paperback Book
Paperback Book
Airband Radio on the RTL-SDR Ebook

The book is written by a pilot who has been on both sides of the radio for decades - monitoring as an enthisiast and licensed ham plus operating aboard the heavies, sometimes sending ACARS messages about tense situations happening on board.

Do it today - click on the paperback or ebook and take your airband RTLSDR listening to the next level!

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