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Grown Up Digital: How the Net Generation Is Changing Your World

Grown Up Digital

Don Tapscott wrote an incredibly pertinent and accurate book about how the younger generations, born in the era of computers and information, see the world differently from boomers and are prepared to live and be successful in this time. Tapscott surveyed more than 11,000 young people more than a decade ago to learn how young people think differently, engage differently, interact and will work differently than the boomers.

This "net generation" has a wholly different understanding of information, where to get it, and how to manage their attention - which is always in demand by multiple entities in day to day life. It is easy to write off the younger people as misfits with short attention spans. That would be wrong, as Tapscott's work indicates the emergence of a new and rich culture, with different rules and a different manner of managing interactions. This book is more than a decade old, and many have missed its message.

To undertand how the future will pan out, it is essential to understand the "net generation." The younger people represent a break with boomers and are proving to live, work, lead, and govern in a different manner.

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