Book Review of The YouTube Formula

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Book Review of The YouTube Formula

The YouTube Formula

YouTube expert Derral Eves knows how to attract viewers and build channels. In "The YouTube Formula," Eves reveals and explains the things you must do for success as a content creator. Eves has a deep understanding of the YouTube algorithm and how it will send you traffic IF you do the right things to score well.

The book delves into several specific topics - about setting up a new channel, what kinds of content are best, a schedule and manner of creating content which is favorable to the algorithm, and engaging with the viewers. Derrel Eves tells why it is important to focus and master what your channel is about. If you can build authority and bring value to your audience, the algorithm will steer plenty of traffic to your channel.

An instructional book on YouTube success would not be complete without case studies and real-world examples of the good and bad in channel development. Whether the channel is set up for affiliate marketing, making money from YouTube's ads, or informing the audience of your message, "The YouTube Formula" will help you work toward your success.

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