Book Review of How to Sell on Etsy With Facebook

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How to Sell on Etsy With Facebook

How to Sell on Etsy With Facebook

You may have great products to sell on your Etsy, and perhaps a Facebook page to promote your merchandise. Without the proper understanding of how to set them up and eficiently promote the products, you won't make many sales. Facebook is a vast traffic source; getting traffic requires understanding the algorithm, how to get the attention of buyers, and directing them to your products.

Charles Huff is an experienced Etsy seller who struggled from the bottom to rise through the rankings to become successful after doing just about everything wrong and finally doing things right. He tells much of his story as he lays a path toward success in using Facebook groups and ads as a source of buyers on Etsy.

All internet platforms, not just Facebook, use computer algorithms to sift through the millions and millions of user posts and pick a small number to show to the other users (letting most die on the vine). Human behavior matters too, as people find value in certain content and share it with their friends. How does one create viral content which sends profitable traffic to buy things on Etsy? You must know what they are seeking, get their attention, satisfy their needs, and offer "something more" which is of value that they will buy. That is it - but the book gives specific methods for using and managing your campaigns in order to make profit.

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