How to Analyze People to Improve Your Life

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How to Analyze People to Improve Your Life

How to Analyze People to Improve Your Life: Master Emotional Intelligence to Speed Read Body Language on Sight. Stop Dark Psychology Manipulation to Be More Self-Confident and Defeat Anxiety

Albert Stark, with the Psychology and Human Behavior Institute, have written a book to help you understand yourself and also the people you encounter in life: how they are motivated and what makes you all tick. It is a book about reading people and working with the emotions we all experience.

In a nutshell, this book is about recognizing when you or persons you are interacting with are being motivated by darker psychological forces - to seek control or dominance, to manipulate or assert authority over others. Knowing that, there are ways to rein in the emotions, work with body language, and use effective techniques to handle difficult interpersonal situations.

It is not necessary to be a psychologist to have a workable understanding of human behavior. That said, it is good to be able to read the behavior of others and know the frameworks within which people act. The book gives useful techniques for working with people to bring about better outcomes.

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