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Linked: Conquer LinkedIn. Get the Job. Own Your Future.

Linked: Conquer LinkedIn. Get the Job. Own Your Future.

The title is pretty well self explanatory: "Linked: Conquer LinkedIn. Get the Job. Own Your Future." and the book covers exactly that. I like to tell people that finding the openings is the toughest part of looking for a good job; getting an interview and making a great impression should not be as tough (though just barely at times). Here is a book which guides you down the right path.

Omar Garriott and Jeremy Schifeling were in charge of LinkedIn's education team and are career coaches. They have usable and effective advice for how to divide a job search into a step by step process and network through the LinkedIn platform.

LinkedIn is large, really large; job seekers need to know how employers seek and find candidates. Those who are noticed first, and offered jobs sooner, are the candidated who have developed a well polished personal brand and are able to appeal to what employers are trying to find. It is actually possible to post articles and set up a user profile which will be noticed by the LinkedIn algorithm. When found by the algorithm, it is still necessary to capture the attention of people who will do the hiring. The book covers all of the steps nicely.

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