The NFT Handbook

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The NFT Handbook

The NFT Handbook: The #1 Guide for Beginners on How to Create, Buy, Sell & Invest in NFTs (Non-Fungible Tokens)

Non-fungible tokens (NFTs) are an asset class taking the world by storm, though a vast number of people involved with NFTs lack important knowledge of what they are and how to create or trade them. Jeremy Abraham has created a book which answers important questions about NFTs.

This book teaches about non-fungible tokens (NFTs). First, it teaches the basics of NFTs, then gives knowledge useful for creating, buying, selling, and ultimately profiting from them. With the knowledge given in the Handbook, one can make much better decisions in using NFTs as an element of a healthy and diversified asset portfolio.

This NFT handbook certainly goes into details. Not only does it define what specifically is a non-fungible token, but it also lays out how to create them andget the created items onto one of the blockchains. To profit from NFTs, one must know how to monetize and execute sales and purchases of NFTs. That is covered, along with plenty of other useful material.

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