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Enjoy this list of instructional videos I have found on YouTube. You may not expect YouTube to carry much content for serious Bash Shell programmers or students preparing for IT certification, but it is there - and available for no cost. You can be a beginner and develop your Bash Shell and computing workflow for free. You can be an intermediate or advanced Bash Shell script creator and catch lectures and tutorials from others who are among the best in the world.

Whether the topic is shell scripting, writing more efficient Bash code, learning to use tools like grep or awk, or interfacing with large software packages, you can usually find someone talking about it on YouTube. Now, forsake those petty political videos and never ending streams of social media clickbait. Brew a coffee and take an hour or two to understand brace expansion or making better loops. Spend a weekend learning how use grep, awk, or fzf. Watch and learn how Bash Shell programmers refine their workflow.

Watch These Bash Shell Video Tutorials

Advanced Bash Usage Tips
Advanced Forms of Bash Expansion
Aliases and Functions by Gotbletu
Aliases Favored by DistroTube
Aliases Functions and Scripts in Bash
Aliases in Bash or Other Shells
Avoiding If Statements in Bash Scripts
Bash Command 15 Bash History
Bash Command 16 Output Redirection
Bash Command 17 Redirection Streams
Bash Commands to Manage Users on Linux
Bash Configuration Files
Bash in Your Local Virtual Machine
Bash on Your Own Cloud Server
Bash Parameter Expansion
Bash Pipes and Redirection
Bash Shell Scripts 13 CASE
Bash Shell Scripts 1 Basics
Bash Shell Scripts 2 READ and ECHO
Bash Shell Scripts 3.1 TEST
Bash Shell Scripts 3.2 EXTENDED TEST
Bash Shell Scripts 3.3 IF Statement
Bash Shell Scripts 3 AND and OR Lists
Bash Shell Scripts 4 CASE vs IF
Bash Shell Scripts 5 LOOPS
Bash Shell Scripts 6 Parameters
Bash Shell Scripts 7 Expansions
Bash Shell Scripts 8 Arrays
Bash Shell Scripts 9 Functions
Bash Shortcuts for Every Linux User
Bash Test for Existing Files or Directories
Copy Move and Rename Files with Bash
Customizing Your Terminal With Bashrc and Bash Profile
File Creation and Basic Editing in Bash
Installing and Running Shell Scripts
Navigating Your Filesystem with Bash
Simplify Your Bash With Command Aliases
Sysadmin Basics 04 Pipes and Redirection
Understanding Your PATH in the Shell
Why You Export Variables in Bash

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